Indoor Air Quality – Naturally

The average family spends 85% of their time indoors and indoor air quality affects our sleep, focus, and overall health. TimberHP vapor lock technology offers twice the protection against moisture that can lower indoor air quality: repelling water from outside while releasing indoor humidity and condensation that can build up inside a home. By better managing moisture, TimberBoard, TimberBatt, and TimberFill can help prevent mold, rot, and allergens. 

Jobsite Friendly

TimberHP products are made from American wood products leftover from sustainable forestry and can be cut, handled, and installed without gloves, long sleeves, or chemical respirators. Workers and jobsites are safer and healthier with TimberBatt, TimberBoard, and TimberFill.

No special tools are required — you can cut wood fiber insulation with common wood cutting tools that you might already have in your toolbox. And when you cut it, you simply get sawdust.

Made in America. Made to make a difference.

TimberHP wood fiber insulation technology supports sustainable forest management and manufacturing, two Maine heritage industries that struggled when paper mills began to close their doors across the state. By converting pure wood chips leftover from sustainable logging into affordable, environmentally sustainable insulation products, TimberHP makes a product we are proud of and provides good green jobs close to home. We want to do more than help build better homes. We want to be a part of building stronger communities.

Industry-Leading Acoustics

Buffer noise with TimberHP industry-leading sound dampening insulation. Whether used as standalone acoustic insulation solutions or as part of a continuous insulation assembly, TimberHP high density insulation helps reduce noise transmission to create healthier, more comfortable homes.

Manages Moisture, Opens Doors

Vapor-open assemblies allow structures to breathe and indoor humidity to escape

No trapped moisture means less chance for mold and mildew, less chance for respiratory issues and allergies