TimberFill by TimberHP

Debris-Free, Sustainable Dense-Pack and Loose-Fill Insulation
TimberFill insulation offers high performance, all-natural attic insulation and cavity wall, floor, and ceiling insulation more homeowners can afford and trust.

The ingredients for the best attic insulation solution are simple. We mill pure softwood chips leftover from sustainable Maine forest management and lumber production into strong, soft fibers and mix in borate to give added protection against fire, mold, and insects, creating loose-fill and dense-pack insulation assemblies proven to regulate temperatures and humidity in even the toughest climates.

Safe for installers and homeowners, TimberFill cavity and attic insulation is also renewable, non-toxic, and arrives at the job site already carbon-negative.

Whether you are seeking dense-pack insulation or attic blanket insulation to improve the performance of an older home or setting out to ensure long-term energy efficiency of a new build, TimberFill loose-fill insulation offers above-grade solutions to protect what matters most.

Pure wood fiber insulation has been perfected in Europe for over 20 years. At TimberHP, we are proud to bring this powerful and proven blown-in insulation technology to North American builders and homeowners. Bring your next project to our experts for an honest conversation about how well wood will work for you.