Fire Resistant

Safe | Fire-Resistant Insulation

Blending in small amounts of borate (a mineral and natural flame retardant, mold-inhibitor, and insect deterrent) gives TimberFill and TimberBatt an ASTM E84 Class A Flame and Smoke Spread rating. These heat-resistant insulation and fire-resistant insulation options are ideal for residential projects and also provide solutions for commercial buildings. Dense and durable, TimberBoard achieves an ASTM E84 Class B Flame and Smoke Spread rating without the introduction of fire retardants, outperforming most foam board competitors.

TimberBoard: Class B Rating*
TimberBatt: Class A Rating*
TimberFill: Class A Rating

*ASTM E84, anticipated rating based off of european product testing

Fire Safe

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TimberBoard: Class B Rating*
TimberBatt: Class A Rating*
TimberFill: Class A Rating*

*ASTM E84, anticipated rating based off of european product testing

Manages Moisture

Manages Moisture | Water-Resistant Insulation

All TimberHP products can effectively absorb and redistribute unwanted condensation and moisture build up evenly, creating increased interior comfort and more resilient buildings.  TimberBoard is a hydrophobic insulation that repels bulk moisture in wall and roof assemblies, offering long-lasting continuous insulation to thermal bridging, as well as protect the structure.

Manages Moisture
Unmatched Acoustics

Unmatched Acoustics | Sound-Deadening Insulation

Today more than ever, the creation of safe, quiet indoor spaces is of the highest priority. Our wood fiber cavity products offer the best insulation for soundproofing interior walls, floors, and ceilings. TimberBoard can function as a sound-deadening insulation to shield your home from the turbulence of the outside world. Bringing our cavity and board products together can create soundproof assemblies to block nearly all airborne and impact noise.

Resists Microbes & Insects

Durable | Resists Microbes & Mildew

Trace amounts of borate additives protect wood fiber from fungi, including mold and mildew (ASTM C739)

Thermal Barrier Insulation

Effective in All Seasons | Thermal Barrier Insulation

With high R-values per inch and excellent draft reduction, our products create comfortable spaces and drive down energy costs. Wood fiber’s ability to balance temperature swings and buffer changes in humidity helps with more than cold winters. It is also ideal insulation in warm summer conditions.

Effective in All Seasons

Low Thermal Conductivity & High Heat Capacity balance tem- perature swings in conditioned spaces, reducing heating and cooling loads

Protects against summer heat: highest thermal capacity of any insulation, which buffers against heat and delays warming

  • Guards against summer heat
  • Saves the heat we buy in the winter

Verastile | Above-Grade Insulation

Wood fiber insulation is made from the same material we use to frame and sheathe our homes. With cavity, continuous, attic blanket, as well as acoustic products, TimberHP is a comprehensive thermal insulation and soundproofing solution.

Designed To Last

Durable | Designed to Last

Engineered by nature and improved by TimberHP, wood fiber insulation meets the demands of the harshest climates and toughest performance standards.  The resilience of wood fiber combined with decades of innovation yield enduring building assemblies that reduce air flow, improve water management, and maximize thermal and acoustic performance.

Breathable Insulation

Vapor Open | Breathable Insulation

Wood fiber insulation assemblies function like Gore-TexTM—wind-tight, water-resistant, and vapor open. TimberFill insulation products allow indoor humidity to escape the built environment while still maintaining the strong air seal and R-value you need. Preventing humidity from getting trapped in homes reduces the risks of condensation and mold, improving building resilience and indoor air quality.