Made from Timber | Made in the U.S.A.

TimberHP turns leftover wood chips from lumber production and wood waste from sustainable forest management practices into thermal insulation, water-resistant insulation, fire-resistant insulation, and sound-dampening insulation. Renewable, fully-recyclable, and carbon storing, TimberHP insulation delivers on Maine’s heritage of manufacturing safe, reliable forest products.

Carbon Smart | Responsible Solution

Reducing and reversing the acceleration of global warming happens by making carbon smart choices. Our cost-competitive insulation products arrive at the job site with a negative carbon footprint. TimberHP products capture and store the CO2 within wood products, locking up carbon for the lifetime of a building, while new trees growing in the forest sequester additional carbon.

*Source: UN Environment Global Status Report 2017: EIA International Outlook 2017

Utilizing Abundant Wood Waste

Wood fiber insulation is made from small-diameter, low-value trees and residual wood chips that pile up at lumber mills daily. We process this leftover wood into wool-like fibers, add nontoxic adhesives and/or fire retardants, and form it into innovative, highly-efficient insulation.

Supporting an Evolving Forest Economy

TimberHP’s advanced technology is breathing new life into the forest products industry, reinvigorating local communities. For decades paper mills have been a major economic driver across the U.S., but, with less paper needed these days, many have been forced to close their doors.

TimberHP is stepping up to convert wood waste into cost-competitive, environmentally-sustainable insulation products.

Stores Carbon in the Built Environment

Locally Sourced & Produced

Our raw materials come to us with very little carbon burden. Transportation is minimal vs other products on the market such as glass, sand, and chemicals for foam. Unlike other insulations that are derived from fossil fuels, our products are biogenic, non toxic, and biodegradable.

TimberHP Impact