TimberBoard by TimberHP


Carbon-Negative Insulation Board
TimberBoard rigid board insulation protects homeowners with strong, sustainable wall insulation, floor insulation, roofing insulation, and continuous exterior insulation that stands strong against the harshest elements.

Safe for installers and homeowners to handle and install, wood fiber board insulation has been perfected in Europe for over 20 years. TimberHP compresses pure softwood chips–leftover from sustainably harvested, FSC-certified Maine timber —  with PMDI and Paraffin to create renewable, fire resistant insulation board with a stable R-value per inch.

Single-ply square edge or seamless tongue and groove construction, TimberBoard can be cut and detailed using the same tools and techniques as wood to create wind-tight and water-resistant continuous insulation assemblies. And because of TimberBoard’s vapor open technology, it also avoids trapping moisture that can cause mold or rot.

Whether you need heat resistant insulation board to improve the performance of an older home or want to ensure the resilience and long-term energy efficiency of new construction, TimberFill wood fiber insulation board can be a better way to build a healthier home environment.

Pure wood fiber insulation has been perfected in Europe for over 20 years. At TimberHP, we are proud to bring this powerful and proven rigid board insulation technology to North American builders and homeowners. Bring your next project to our experts for an honest conversation about innovative new ways to work with wood.