Why TimberHP?

High Performance, Healthy Planet, Healthy People

High Performance

Wood Fiber Insulation Benefits Go Beyond R-Value

Insulate better, live better. For over 20 years, Europe has perfected the technology behind sustainable, renewable, recyclable wood fiber insulation. TimberHP is proud to bring that technology to North America and build envelope, thermal, acoustical, and continuous insulation solutions that are wind-tight. Vapor-open. Provide stable, long-term R-values and manage temperatures and humidity in tough conditions, and offer superior sound protection—all using byproducts of sustainable forestry.

TimberHP blown-in insulation, insulation batts, and fiber board insulation solutions can stand alone as drop-in replacements for other above-grade products or work together to create powerful and protective wall and floor insulation, ceiling insulation, attic insulation, and exterior continuous insulation with industry-leading sound dampening. Discover the affordability, accessibility, and thermal and acoustic potential within pure wood fiber.


Healthy Planet

A scalable, environmentally responsible solution

Sustainable logging practices
Is wood a renewable resource? Yes. TimberBoard, TimberBatt, and TimberFill are all made from residual wood chips left over from sustainable forestry management, whether from forest management or Maine’s heritage logging industry. Sourcing our primary raw materials from our own community lets TimberHP lower our carbon burden. And by using environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques and constituents, TimberHP also ensures all our products are safe for our families and our planet.

Environmental benefits of carbon storage

TimberHP products have the lowest carbon footprint of any insulation on the market.

It’s a case of simple plant biology at work.

Trees, like all plants, are a renewable resource. Trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their branches, leaves, and roots. 

Eastern White Pine is logged sustainably in the north Maine woods, trucked to sawmills and turned into board feet of lumber, leaving behind tons of wood chips.

TimberHP uses this feedstock, instead of material derived from fossil fuels, to make insulation that arrives at the job site carbon negative. 

TimberBoard, TimberBatt, and TimberFill contain all the benefits of the trees they originate from and begin reducing a building’s carbon footprint the day they are installed.


Healthy People

Safe for builders and homeowners alike

Jobsite Friendly
TimberHP products are made from American wood chips leftover from sustainable forestry and can be cut, handled, and installed without gloves, long sleeves, or chemical respirators. Workers and jobsites are safer and healthier with TimberBatt, TimberBoard, and TimberFill, replacing traditional insulation products.

Indoor Air Quality—Naturally
The average family spends 85% of their time indoors and indoor air quality affects our sleep, focus, and overall health. TimberHP wood fiber assemblies offer twice the protection against moisture that can lower indoor air quality and compromise a building’s resilience: repelling water from outside while preventing the trapping of indoor humidity as condensation that can build up inside a home. By better managing moisture, TimberBoard, TimberBatt, and TimberFill can help prevent mold, rot, and allergens. 

Industry-Leading Acoustics
Buffer noise with TimberHP industry-leading sound dampening insulation. Whether used as standalone acoustic insulation solutions or as part of a continuous insulation assembly, TimberHP high-density insulation helps reduce noise transmission to create calmer, more comfortable homes.

Made in America. Made to make a difference.
TimberHP wood fiber insulation technology supports sustainable forest management and manufacturing, two Maine heritage industries that have struggled with the closure of numerous paper mills across the state. By converting pure wood chips leftover from sustainable forestry practices into affordable, environmentally sustainable insulation products, TimberHP makes a product we are proud of and provides good “green” jobs close to home. We want to do more than help build better homes. We want to be part of building stronger communities.


At TimberHP, we innovate for impact—for performance, for our planet, and for the people who make and rely on our products. Talk to one of our insulation experts about the impact renewable, recyclable wood fiber insulation can have for your project.