American Wood Fiber Insulation Supports Sustainable Forestry in Maine

TimberHP manufactures high-performing wood fiber insulation that is healthy for people and the planet. Made with renewable resources, our products are resistant to moisture liabilities, mold and fire, and offer superior properties to reduce heating and cooling loads. Tried and trusted, wood fiber insulation is cost-competitive and has been manufactured and used in Europe for decades.

Our products begin in the abundant Northern Forest, where we source Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified small diameter pulp trees and residual wood chips. Manufactured domestically at our factory in Maine, TimberHP supports the working landscape, sustainable forestry, and our rural economy.

Our Mission
To foster high performance, healthy people, and a healthy planet through the development and delivery of industry-leading wood fiber insulation solutions.

Be a part of creating affordable, accessible wood fiber insulation products that protect homeowners and builders and support sustainable forestry and communities in Maine.

Press Releases
Media updates on environmentally sound insulation,  product development, sustainable forestry, and the growth of TimberHP.

Our Story
From a mothballed paper mill in Madison, Maine with a team of likeminded entrepreneurs, TimberHP is the first North American producer of wood fiber insulation in the USA.

TimberHP in the News
Follow our progress as TimberHP introduces affordable, accessible wood fiber insulation to the North American market.

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Our Team
Meet the architects, scientists, builders, and entrepreneurs creating pure wood fiber insulation in the USA.

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Follow the TimberHP journey and the development of sustainable, renewable, recyclable insulation solutions in Maine.

Sustainability is embedded in the mission and culture at TimberHP. The Company is committed to account­ability, transparency, and continual improvement with a long-term strategy in mind.