We recently completed our first home, insulated with TimberHP. We have been following the development of the company for those last couple years and eagerly awaited the launch of the product. We were excited about TimberHP because it gives us a high-performance insulating package that will allow water to escape and not grow mold or rot the sheathing. An added benefit was the local aspect of the product using a lot of waste material.

For our first house, we used the blown in fiber and the 6” batts. It was so nice to be able to work in the house while they were blowing in the product and not be suffering from “white lung” that cellulose provided. Additionally, the friction fit of the batts and the ease of install vastly surpassed mineral wool, and not being itchy at the end of the day was a nice side effect. We were blown away with how the house was instantly quieter and felt more solid. We went from running a 60,000 BTU heater 24/7 to only a couple hours in the morning. I am confident that the long range insulating qualities that TimberHP provides will be far greater than a cellulose/mineral wool type home.

Kurt Clason
Clason Remodeling Company – 2022 National Remodeler of the Year

“TimberFill is hands down the best product on the market. It is by far the most superior blow in product available. We fought for months trying to get this product here in the midwest. When we were finally able to get it from Busti Lumber in Elma Iowa we were over the moon. We immediately contacted Dan for installation specs. This product cut our installation time down drastically and made our experience 100x better. Walking away from blowing in we didn’t have negative respiratory side effects and had zero itch! You come out smelling like a pine treet!

We were highly impressed with how easy it was to feed and blow. The product dispersed so well in the attic and laid in far superior to other products. We had 68 bags blown in within 1 hour 15 mins.

We traditionally use Fiberglass blown in and have pushed for an industry change. We don’t like cellulose due to its high dust, dirty, low-quality properties. When Dan Edelman told us of TimberFill we knew what had to try it. We have followed and done project with Dan for the last few years and trust the products he represents. With TimberFill our high efficiency builds benefit from the improved attic insulation. TimberFill gives us our great r value, clean insulation, fireblock, green insulation.”

Kyle Debettignies
KD Construction