Renovation Underway in Madison

TimberHP by GO Lab marked an important milestone in late August when the first phase of renovations got underway at the mill in Madison. An initial two-and-a-half months of demolition will feature the removal of the buildings and structures adjacent to Pine Street and Main Street, including the boiler house, turbine room, specialty chemicals building, and several oil storage tanks. The demolition will also include the removal of foundations, which will then be backfilled with structural fill. 

The open space where these structures once stood will be graded and prepped for eventual storage and processing of wood chips—an integral part of our manufacturing operation. The outside work will be followed by a series of extensive renovations and systems upgrades inside the main mill building, where a scrapping team has been working for nearly a year to salvage unused machinery, piping and electrical equipment. “We have roughly $300,000 of materials that we’ve been able to salvage from the mill,” said Marty Troy, an electrical consultant with TimberHP by GO Lab and the former longtime head of the electrical and instrument department at Madison Paper Industries. “It’s been just a huge savings for us.”