Decor Maine Covers GO Lab

The March issue of Decor Maine–the Eco Issue–includes several articles that will interest those following advancements in high performance building in Maine.

GO Lab co-founder Matthew O’Malia is the subject of an interview highlighting the retrofit of the Madison Mill in Madison, Maine, to manufacture a groundbreaking line of renewable, recyclable, carbon-sequestering building insulation made from sawmill residuals, a byproduct of Maine’s lumber industry. 


Writer Brian Shuff tackles construction economics and energy codes, and how they impact efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of new construction in Maine. The story quotes extensively from passivhausMaine executive director Naomi Beal, who stresses the imperative of also upgrading Maine’s aging, energy-inefficient building stock. To illustrate the current state of Passive House design, the article features cameos of six notable Passive House buildings, including–we are happy to note–four completed projects by OPAL, GO Lab’s sister company.