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Architects today are seeking strategies to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. TimberFill insulation offers a high-performance, sustainable solution made from pure wood fiber.

Why TimberFill is the Natural Choice

Pure and Simple

  • Made from FSC-certified softwood residuals harvested responsibly in the USA
  • Free of plastics, formaldehyde, and other toxins

Naturally Fire Resistant

  • Proprietary borate treatment gives TimberFill an ASTM E84 Class A rating
  • Unmatched flame spread and smoke development performance

Stable and Versatile

  • Install as loose-fill or dense pack to meet R-value requirements
  • Won’t settle over time like fiberglass or cellulose

Moisture Control

  • Wood fibers can absorb and re-release humidity without trapping moisture
  • Vapor-Open, Creating a healthy indoor environment

High Thermal Performance

  • R-3.8 per inch rating for flexibility in assembly design
  • Excellent noise reduction through sound absorption

Sustainability Leader

  • Carbon-negative production process
  • Rapidly renewable and recyclable
  • Contributes to LEED, Passive House, and other certifications
  • The only renewable, recyclable, regenerative, and affordable carbon-negative insulation on the market

Specifying TimberFill for Your Next Project

TimberFill gives architects and builders a high-performance insulation that aligns with green building goals. Download our 3-part master specification for complete details.

Our building science experts are also available for consultations as you evaluate how TimberFill can contribute to the sustainability, durability, and comfort of your next project.

Download 3-Part Spec

Provide your details below and we’ll send the 3-part spec plus let us know if you’d like to schedule a call to answer your questions about specifying natural TimberFill insulation.

Information Gathering Questions

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