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Could This Natural Insulation Unlock Carbon-Negative Building?

For architects driven to dramatically cut the carbon footprint of our built environment, a breakthrough may have arrived from the forests of Maine.

TimberFill insulation is crafted using an ingenious process to convert FSC-certified softwood residuals into a blown-in insulation free of toxins and plastics. Installed as either loose-fill or dense pack, this renewable wood fiber insulation is achieving astonishing R-values and fire resistance.

Yet TimberFill may be most revolutionary for its role in the larger mission.

A Production Process That’s Carbon Negative
While most building products burden the atmosphere, TimberFill insulation actually stores more carbon than it emits during production. This gives architects verified carbon offsets to apply to their projects.

Opens New Design Possibilities
With TimberFill tested to deliver R-3.8 per inch, revolutionary assemblies become possible. Imagine the spaces you could create with this level of proven thermal performance.

Aligns Building Science With Your Values
TimberFill pairs advanced moisture control, air quality, and noise reduction with the satisfaction of specifying an insulation that is natural, sustainable, and responsibly sourced.

There’s Too Much at Stake Not to Innovate
The time is now for low-carbon solutions that work. Download our TimberFill spec sheet and let us show you tested insulation technology that inches us closer to carbon-neutral construction.

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